People of Melaka

...and these are their stories

Top Stories

“In the old days, woodcarving was popular amongst the people, but now it’s a dying trade.”
Koh Choo Siah
“Tolak sikit. Melaka mahu kasi gua PBM. Pingat ini tak kasi hasil, buat apa!”
Omar bin Embi
Penjual Mee Rebus
“We played tembak-tembak, shooting; you will make your own gun, a wooden gun from a plank.”
Bernard Tan
Shooting the breeze

Young Melakans

More Great Melakan Stories

Victor Chin

"As a young person coming into Malacca in those days, the most memorable thing was coming through the paddy fields."

Shamsuddin Abdul

“Salasilah keluarga kita memang salasilah asal pengusaha kereta lembu dari zaman Kesultanan Melayu Melaka.”

Chin Yik Keun

“During the Occupation I was nearly recruited to become a labourer in the Thai-Burma railway.“

Abdul Rahim Muhammad

“Tapi nak tanya lebih-lebih orang tua-tua pun dah takda lagi.”

Cedric Tan

“Yes, we are Peranakan but we are part of the Peranakan. We are not THE Peranakan.”

Martin Theseira

“I had to give up fishing. The fishes we catch are getting less…”

“When the church applied for land, the British would only give leasehold land for 9 years.”​
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