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"Farquhar eventually planted explosive crates deep into ground and blew up the fort. What the f*$%"
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Who are we?

The C’rita Orang Melaka initiative is part of a larger project, Melaka in Fact, which seeks to gather multidisciplinary perspectives on the history of Melaka, including new academic research and stories from its communities. Team members comprise people from different walks of life who are united by their deep interest in Melaka’s rich history.  Melaka in Fact is funded by Deep Culture Sdn. Bhd.

Why are we doing this?

Melaka has a rich and diverse cultural heritage. Since obtaining UNESCO’s World Heritage Site status in 2008, Melaka has seen rapid urban transformation, fuelled by foreign investments. Such intense changes have altered the geographical landscape, and influenced cultural practices and communal identities.  With these changes and the loss of community memories, we feel it urgent to document Melaka in its present state, as a legacy for future generations, and to help future researchers and educational projects. We hope to facilitate discussions and initiatives to record what makes Melaka special.

What do we do?

We record oral histories from people of Melaka and collect related materials such as old maps, manuscripts and photographs. We also document communities’ cultural celebrations by way of  photos, videos, and interviews. Our study sites include Tengkera, Kubu, Kg. Empat, Kg.Lapan, Gajah Berang, Bunga Raya, Bandar Hilir, Banda Kaba, and Bukit Cina.  We use the information we collect to create a cultural ‘map’ of Melaka, which will be freely accessible online by the public in due course.

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