Scholars on Melaka

Lifetime academic dedication to Melaka

"The main contemporary documents discussing Melaka are the treatises written by Arab navigators Ahmad ibn Majid and Sulayman al-Mahri in the late 15th and early 16th Century."
Andrew Peacock
University of St Andrews
"...rejection of the Sejarah Melayu as a reliable source of early Melaka history, it is obvious that the year 1262 as the founding date of the Melaka polity that was proposed by some local historians, and still held to be valid by some people in Melaka is an absurdity."
Ahmat Adam
Professor Emeritus
"In exploring these connections it will give particular attention to the symbolism of installation through the nobat, the importance of marriage relationships, the rationale for warfare and the ruling style of governance in a polity where vassal rulers could have considerable independence."
Barbara Andaya
University of Hawai'i
"The debate between Ferrand and Rouffaer over the exact dating of Melaka’s founding probably would have eluded some of the academic contemporaries who were not proficient in Dutch and French, especially in the English-speaking world."
Peter Borschberg
National University Singapore
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