Cultural Mapping

Digital Mapping of Melaka

Cultural Mapping

As part of the larger Melaka in Fact project, several cultural mapping of old places of the city outside the UNESCO Core Area were conducted.

With a team of field researchers, we conducted door-to-door interviews of over two thousand households.  We unearthed fascinating cultural and heritage stories.  Here are some of the results of the exercise.

Jalan Tengkera

from Jalan Kubu to Jalan Pandan and all the villages behind Jalan Tengkera.

Kampung Chetti

Chetti Houses off Jalan Gajah Beran

Jalan Kubu

From Jalan Tengkera to Jalan Hang Tuah and the kampungs behind it.

Bukit Cina

An Infusion of Culture

Kampung Portugis

Portuguese Settlement

Kampung Ketek

Birthplace of Munshi Abdullah

Kampung Morten

A Malay Village by an Ancient River