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Melaka Downtown Exhibition

The Old Trading Zone

Melaka in Fact

MiF Feature Series

People of Melaka

The C’rita Orang Melaka initiative is part of a larger project, Melaka in Fact, which seeks to gather stories from its communities. Team members comprise people from different walks of life who are united by their deep interest in Melaka’s rich oral history.


With changes and the loss of community memories, we feel it urgent to document Melaka in its present state, as a legacy for future generations, and to help future researchers and educational projects.

Tawarikh Talks

Tawarikh Talks are held every month with free admissions for those who have a curious enquiry about Melaka's history. The Talks are held either in Kuala Lumpur or Melaka.


Melaka in the Long 15th Century is a 3-day international conference on Melaka that explored and brought together new or at least unfamiliar sources, methodologies and initiatives that were grounded internationally, but were rooted in an Asian vantage point

Cultural Mapping

As part of the larger Melaka in Fact project, several cultural mapping of old places of the city outside the UNESCO Core Area were conducted. With a team of field researchers, we conducted door-to-door interviews of over two thousand households. We unearthed fascinating cultural and heritage stories. Here are some of the results of the exercise.

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