Panel 1 - Sources for Melaka

Day 1 - 2 August, 2019

Panel Head

Prof. Anthony Reid

Australian National University

Anthony Reid is a Southeast Asian Historian, once again based as emeritus Professor at the Australian National University, where he served as Professor of Southeast Asian History before 1999.  In between, he was the founding Director of the Centre for Southeast Asian Studies at UCLA, Los Angeles (1999-2002) and of the Asia Research Institute at NUS (2002-2007). 


Dr Nasha Rodzaidi Khaw

Centre for Global Archaeological Research
Universiti Sains Malaysia

Reviewing Archaeological Research in Melaka:
Challenges and Future Potentials

Melaka in the Long 15th Century

Melaka in Late Ming Historical-Geographical Texts

Melaka in the Long 15th Century

Dr Elke Papelitzky

New York University
Shanghai, China

Prof. Derek Heng

Northern Arizona University
Arizona, United States of America

“Melaka” in Chinese Texts:
Archivalisation and Macro Patterns Related to Records of Melaka in the Ming and Qing Periods (15th to 18th Centuries)

Melaka in the Long 15th Century

Melaka in the Arabic, Persian and Turkish Sources

Melaka in the Long 15th Century

Prof. Andrew Peacock

University of St Andrews
Scotland, United Kingdom

Emeritus Prof. Ahmat Adam

Independent Scholar

The Early History of Melaka According to the Text of the Sulalatu’s-Salatin

Melaka in the Long 15th Century

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