Jalan Temenggong

In the 1970s, Mill Road and Egerton Road were together renamed as Jalan Temenggong. Among the usual shops, eateries and businesses, the building at 100 Jalan Temenggong is special, because there the Malacca Electric Flour Mill, established in 1929, were the first millers in Melaka to use machines to grind their spices, replacing grindstones and manual labour (Grinding Since 1929). Jalan Temenggong also has the only Gurdwara (Sikh place of worship) in Melaka, at 150A. Amarjit Singh, a former Secretary of the Gurdwara informed us that this place hosts the largest annual Sikh gathering in the world outside Punjab. And in a gurdwara, everyone was welcome, regardless of their religious or ethnic background (Gurdwara Sahib).

In a small lane behind Jalan Temenggong is Ban Li Kong temple which dates from 1951. The guardian of the temple, Francis Low, who is also a medium, spoke about its little-known history and practices (Tokong Ban Li Kong)

At his perenially popular seafood restaurant at 116 Jalan Temenggong, Tan Teck Leong recounted how the business his father started  in the 1960s has moved with the times, from using wood and coal, to kerosene, to gas, as well as his own innovations to ensure the future of the business. These include developing 12 types of crab dishes, among them Fresh Milk Crab, Milk Salted Egg Crab and Dry Curry Crab (Ketam 12 Jenis). Other culinary specialties are to be found at the Eng Seng Market (popularly known as Pasar Bukit China), built in 1953.


Pasar Bukit Cina

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19 September 2019