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Malacca City Park (City of A Thousand Lights)

24 th December 1932 – The opening of City Park located at Newcome Road, now known as Jalan Munshi Abdullah. The owners were Cheah Cheng Koon and Ong Teik Chin. Among the attractions were Nam Yong Dancing Girls, Penang Star Ronggeng and Nam Seng Hylam Wayang, and open air cinemas and plays. In early 1935, Malacca Town Commissioner refused to extend licence for the park due to temporary structures cannot be encouraged in the first class areas in town.

In December 1935, a proposal for a new site at Jalan Bunga Raya Pantei was submitted and accepted by the Malacca Municipality, application was made by Zehnder Brothers on behalf of Ong Teik Chin. In 1936 City Park at Newcome Road was closed. A bus stand was established on the same site in 1938

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1936 - No City Park

1943 - Showing City Park

1980 - No City Park

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