Hero Music

Chin Koi Yin

With the wife of the owner of
Hero Record Co.
Chin Koi Yin, 75

Conversation on
13 November, 2018
in Mandarin

Hero Record Co.
A-21 Rumah Pangsa 9 Tingkat
Jalan Bendahara

I was born in Johor, my husband is from Melaka. This shop belongs to him. We’ve run this business almost 40 years. The shop has been around for more than 50 years. 

We get our records and CDs from Kuala Lumpur. The largest company among the suppliers is Nan Fang. We only sell Chinese records, my customers are mostly elderly Chinese women. They like singing karaoke, those old songs. Huang Mei tunes, folk songs, classic songs. I like to sing old songs too. Old customers and friends will come here to chat with me. I rarely have young customers. 

This street [Bunga Raya] is not very prosperous. It used to be like the next street. There used to be more Chinese and more business. Food, [traditional Chinese] dentist. Nowadays there are a lot of pharmacies. Now it has become a small India. 

This business will die out. Most people use pen drives now, so I only sell to the uncles and aunties. When they have singing competitions or club events, they will use CDs.

NOTE: This shop has not resumed operations since the enforcement of the MCO this year

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